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Hands & Feet

Le Remedi Hand Treatment The Ultimate Hand Facial!
Starting with a cleanse and exfoliate to the hands to prep, followed by a mask and thermal therapy moisturise & massage.

30 minutes £15

Shape & Polish
Adding shape and definition to the nail and an application of your desired colour of either regular Jessica polish or Phenom high shine polish.

30 minutes £13

Express Manicure
A transformation to the nails in no time at all! Oils and creams are applied to the hands while left to soak for cuticle work. Finished with a shape & polish to the nails.

45 minutes £18

Signature Manicure
Our most loved manicure consists of both a hand facial & shape & polish. Starting with a consultation to the nails followed by an exfoliation, then oils and cream applied to the hands. Intricate cuticle work and a delightful hand and arm massage. Finished with a shape & polish.

1 hour £23

Superior Manicure
For a little luxury indulge your hands with a Le Remedi hand treatment and thermal therapy with warm oil and cream. Intricate cuticle work finished with a shape and polish.

1 hour 15 minutes £28

ZenSpa Superior Pedicure
A foot overhaul! If your feet are in need of a total pamper our superior pedicure is for you. After a thorough consultation to the feet we start with a removal of hard skin and a luscious aroma foot soak. A deep exfoliation to the feet and intricate cuticle work. Oil and cream are applied to the feet and left to indulge in thermal therapy booties. A delightful foot and lower leg massage and a shape & polish to end.

1 hour 30 minutes £35

ZenSpa Pedicure
Adding elegance to the feet with our leading pedicures. Starting with a thorough consultation to the feet and toes, we continue with a removal of hard skin and a luscious aroma foot soak. An exfoliation to the feet then intricate cuticle work. A delightful foot and lower leg massage and a shape & polish to finish.

1 hour 15 minutes £30

Jassica Nails

GELeration is of everlasting colour with no chipping, fading or smudging. Not only is GELeration gentle on the natural nail, it protects them as they grow, is high shine and is dry instantly, lasting 2-3 weeks.

Add to any hand or foot treatment £6

GELeration Refresh Treatment
As the natural nail grows with the GELeration, the polish will stay perfect however re-growth will appear. Have the GELeration infilled to maintain the perfect finish.

45 minutes £19

GELeration Removal
Professionally removed, we cleanse and shape the nail adding a treatment to prolong your healthy strong nails.

30 minutes £13
Add to any hand or foot treatment £5

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic treatments are perfect if you want instant length and can be created to your exact desired nail look. They are super hard wearing and brilliant for a fast, effective nail transformation.

Acrylics with tips (1 Hour) £32
Sculpted Acrylics (1 Hour 45 mins) £45
Infills on all Acrylic (1 Hour) £25
Acrylic removal inc. Express manicure £30
Acrylic tip removal and re-apply £50
Acrylic sculpted removal and re-apply £65

Body Indulgence

Body Indulgence Massage
Unwind, relax and de-stress with pure warm pre-blended oils drizzled over the body. Massage techniques created for your preference to balance, heal and relieve tension from the body.

30 minutes £28
45 minutes £34
60 minutes £42

Hot Rock Therapy
Using traditional massage techniques, we combine warmed smooth stones for a deeper yet truly blissful massage experience. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles to aid healing and balance.

45 minutes £40
70 minutes £55

Ultimate Hot Rocks
A head to toe hot rock therapy experience! Starting with warmed smooth stones massaged over the full body, concentrating on the back, feet and moving onto the face. A Thalgo discovery facial designed for your skin type finished with a face and scalp massage with cool stones to balance the body.

105 minutes £80

Hopi Ear Candling
Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi ear Candles) is a pleasant, safe and non-invasive treatment which can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as headaches, sinusitis, tinnitus etc. After an initial consultation, a candle is inserted to the surface of the ear one at a time. As the candle burns you will receive a relaxing drainage massage to the head and face.

40 minutes £30

Indian Head Massage
A stimulating head massage to relieve shoulder, neck head tension. While soaking your feet in a cooling foot soak, we start on the shoulders and neck using deep pressure point techniques. Moving up to the scalp and forehead we ease any stress and tension.

30 minutes £30

Indocèane Ritual
The ultimate relaxation ritual! Starting with a milk foot soak and an invigorating foot and lower leg scrub we follow with an Indian inspired massage using warm oils and balm to calm the mind and reenergise the body. Finished with a heated body mask to leave your body nourished and hydrated.

90 minutes £75

Pre-Mummy Pamper
All mums to be need their aching feet and backs treated while carrying a new little life in their tummies! Starting with a delightful ZenSpa Pedicure we heal those aching feet. Before we add polish to the toes, we lay you comfortably on your side and continue with a warm oil back massage to relieve any back aches and tension letting the body relax. While you siesta we finish with a polish on those toes.

90 minutes £60


Facial Therapy

Discovery Facial
This welcoming facial introduces you to the world of Marine beauty by Thalgo. After a thorough consultation of the skin we proceed with a deep double cleanse, tone and exfoliate using chosen products to benefit your skin type. Followed with a mask to repair the skin and a relaxing neck and scalp massage finished with an application of eye cream and moisturiser.

40 minutes £30

Heart of the Ocean Facial
Thalgo’s iconic facial! Starting with Thalgo’s cleansing ritual and an exfoliation using chosen products to benefit your skin type. A concentrated rich serum is applied while relaxing the mind and body with an unwinding shoulder and neck massage. An intense cream mask is brushed over the skin followed by a Marine Algae cooling mask over the whole face. Whilst the mask dries we massage the hand and arms finished with an application of eye cream and moisturiser.

60 minutes £45

Hyaluronic Smooth & Fill
Correcting more pronounced facial lines, we start with Thalgo’s cleansing ritual and a resurfacing exfoliation to allow optimum penetration of Hyaluronic acid. An expert anti-aging massage lifts the concerning areas whilst helping the skin drink in all the Hyaluronic acid and Hyaluronic acid Microspheres are applied to intensify the plumping of lines. A Hyaluronic mask is applied to the rest of the skin leaving your complexion glowing, a delightful hand and arm massage is received, finishing with a Hyaluronic facial moisturise.

60 minutes £60

Lift Plus by Dermal Aesthetics
Using the latest micro current technology to lift and tone the muscles in the face giving the effect of a non surgical face lift.

30 minutes £30
Course of 5 £120
Course of 10 £220

Renew Facial
Using Galvanic current to penetrate the skin on a cell level, we use intense serums to deeply cleanse the skin and an intense serum to smooth fine lines and lift and tone the facial muscles leaving the skin renewed in its youthful condition.

60 minutes £50

Collagen Radiance
Giving your skin a Collagen boost and correcting the signs of aging. Following Thalgo’s cleansing ritual and a resurfacing exfoliation to allow optimum product penetration, an expert anti-aging massage is carried out to help the skin drink in all the Marine Collagen. The Collagen mask smooths fine lines whilst plumping the skin, as the mask takes effect you’ll enjoy a delightful hand and arm massage finishing with a Collagen moisturise leaving the skins Collagen reserves restored.

60 minutes £55

Silicium Super Lift
Dare to defy time combating all signs of aging! After Thalgo’s cleansing ritual an intensifying exfoliation to smooth the skin to allow optimum product penetration is delivered. An expert anti-aging massage with serums lifts the features, before a super-lifting mask is applied to fill deeper lines and lift and contour the face and neck using thermal therapy to add a lasting effect. A Silicium eye and facial moisturiser is applied leaving the skin firmer and noticeably glowing with less visible lines.

75 minutes £65

Man Space
A deep tissue back and shoulder massage to relieve tension, we continue with a discovery facial tailored for men. Skin will be noticeably clearer and restored.

45 minutes £40

Add a back massage to your unique facial

15 minutes £10

Refined Elegance

Make-up Application
Using the latest tips, tricks and make-up techniques we create your desired look for all special occasions.

60 minutes £30
Bridal from £60
Lesson £35

Brow By Mii

Brow by Mii
Create your dream brow’s with Mii Brows. Perfectly finished brows with a measured shape to suit you, a tint, wax, trim and finish. Walk away with no redness around the brow and be ready to show off your flawless brows! *patch test required

40 minutes £25
Maintenance £17

Sienna X

Award winning spray tanning and products, Sienna X natural look tanning with over 8 spray colours to choose, will give you a sublime flawless tan.

Full Body £25
3 Full Body £50
Half Body £18

Party Lashes
Bulb lashes are designed for a full lash effect, lasting between 3-10 days they’re ideal for nights out and breaks away. *patch test required

30 minutes £16

Express Lashes by Hollywood Lashes
Individually applied on top of the lashes these hard wearing lashes give a natural but glamorous look. Lasting 2 weeks with a removal included after the 2 weeks. *patch test required

60 minutes £38

Hollywood Lashes
The most loved semi permanent eye lash extensions! Flexible lashes, applied individually around your natural lash we create your desired lash effect. Lasting months with regular infill’s to maintain your pristine Hollywood lashes. *patch test required

90 minutes £50
3 week infill £25


Enhancing the natural lashes, this revolutionary natural lash treatment lifts from the root, to create the effect of longer lifted healthy lashes with a tint to give a mascara look result. The immediate result lasts 6-8 weeks, with no maintenance required. *patch test required

60 minutes £45

Specialist Treatments

PHD waxing system is super hygienic with tube wax and disposable applicators for every client. This professional system is designed for a comfortable, clean hair removal treatment.

phd SafewaxEye Brow £7
Lip £7
Chin £8
Lip & Chin £11
Underarms £9
Forearms £15
Standard Bikini £10
Extended Bikini £18
Half Leg £16
Full Leg £26
Full Leg & Bikini £34
Back or Chest £25

Adding colour to your brows and lashes to define the eyes. *patch test required

Eye Brow £8
Eye Lash £10

Eye Package
The ultimate eye transformation! Including an eyelash tint,eyebrow tint and wax. *patch test required

30 minutes £22

A method of permanent hair removal. *full consultation required

Up to 15 minutes £15
Up to 30 minutes £25

Thread Vein and Skin Tag Removal
Specialist removal of concerned areas. *full consultation required

From £20

Silhouette Body Shaping
From Thalgo, this body shaping treatment starts with a thorough consultation to determine the concerning areas. After a thermal oxygen mask we continue with deep detoxifying massage methods to lift, firm and tone skin texture using specialised serums.

60 minutes £55

Frigi Boost Body Wrap
From Thalgo, this intensive anti-cellulite treatment encourages the elimination of toxins and excess fluids. Concentrating on the lower part of the body we use soaked bandages in cool infused active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance. Its vaso-constricting effect energizes perfect for a slimming quick fix.

60 minutes £55